Collision of Balls

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    Hi! I am a developer of games for Android and recently finished writing its first indie game. I want to give my game universal attention!
    Name of the game: Collision of Balls
    Engine: Unity3D
    Game genre: Arcade
    License type: Free
    Space: 2.5D
    Programming language: C#
    Platform: Android

    Do you think you have nerves of steel? Have nothing can surprise you? Then this game will change your opinion, because you need good reaction in combination with precision. At your disposal there is a gray ball which is connected with a red ball by means of a rubber rope. You need a red ball to beat off the black balls, not to allow the white ball to go out from a zone. The stronger you'll beat off, the higher the score you get. Also you can compare your the results to other players.

    Features of game:
    - Beautiful graphics;
    - Realistic physics;
    - Leaderboards;
    - Achievements;

    Don't forget to leave feedback in Google Play!
    Download from Google Play:


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