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    Mar 2, 2015
    Hello . I am an indie developer and this is my 2nd game so far . I really want to show you my new game and hope you will enjoy it .

    My game is called Coin Job and is available on the IOS AppStore for free .

    Coin Job is a simple counting game where you need to collect the desired sum , by tapping on coins on the screen .
    Playing Coin Job is completely free !

    Coin Job features :
    - infinite missions
    - experience system - game gets harder the higher level you are
    - cartoon design
    - bonus coins
    - completely free
    - compete in leader boards
    - challenge your friends

    Instructions :
    At the start of the level you are given a target score presented on the lower left side of the screen . Get to that amount by tapping various coins and by adding their value . You can use X2 coins to double what you collected so far . Always keep in mind what you collected .
    If you forgot how many coins you have or how many you need , click on the ? icon to see how many coins you need to finish the level .
    Any time you can Stop the Time by clicking on the Lightning icon .

    For questions and suggestions don't hesitate to contact us : contact@digitype.ro

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