Coastal Hill Mystery - hidden object with monster fights & character customization

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    Aug 27, 2015
    Hello everyone,

    We've same thread for iOS. Anyway, we decided to share our most recent top performing game here for Android users. Maybe some of you will got interested and even install the game;)

    Have you ever felt how it's like to return to your hometown and not recognize it at all? Our game has that feeling. Your task is to help the main hero learn the truth about what has happened in town by solving mystery games and puzzles.

    The game's stand-out features:

    • Android Instant — try the game before installing it;
    • Actual fights with pesky monsters stopping your from seeking and finding free hidden objects;
    • Option to change the appearance of your avatar: certain clothes have special abilities that will let you solve the mystery faster;
    • Exceptional search tools in 7 game modes;
    • Option to build Wonders of the World to receive important bonuses;
    • Weapons, keys, and amulets craft;
    • Exclusive mini-games;
    • Meta-game play in a form of restoring and designing your own home in Coastal Hill.




    Download the game at

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