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    Hi toucharcaders! ​

    I am an artist/animator and am looking for a Co-Founder developer. I'm entrepreneurial and looking for someone who would like to be involved with a startup making games. Right now I basically just have the main gameplay mechanic in place for Bing Bong and so this is practically a clean slate for us to work on together. I have one investor soo far, but we're going to be raising capital with a completed game and team. The team right now consists of me & investor.

    The awesome project is called Bing Bong ( Bing Bong is an amoeba who lives in the small town of Microchusetts. One day Evil Zibob and his Evil Minions invade Microchusetts and Bing Bong must rescue his town! This is a casual mobile game. I have soo far implemented our main game play mechanic and basic art. ( you can check out more art here and more details about the game here I'm looking to collaborate and build off the basic idea, we are so basic at this point. Lots of ideas to implement.

    My background is in character animation and development, and looking to make lots of character driven games. Hope you like cartoons too!

    If you're interested, please PM me or email me stephenstudios(at)gmail !

    Thanks guys and happy coding!
    Stephen M. Levinson

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