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    Aug 1, 2012
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    Here’s my problem. I play games on my iPhone, with my Apple id, and my own game center id. My son plays the same game on his iPad, my Apple id, and his own different Game Center id.

    Half the games we play, our own personal saves are completely separate, no problems (Crashlands, for example). I don’t even see his saves.

    Half the games we play, my progress overwrites his. His overwrites mine. I play a new game, install it on his tablet hours later, but my game progress is what appears on his tablet. He deletes my progress to play his own save, and it also deletes from my phone.

    There seems no rhyme or reason. I have iCloud turned off for Game Center on both devices. We have separate Game Center ids. We have separate Apple Arcade subs. I can’t believe it’s due to the same Apple ID - isn’t that the point of separate Game Center IDs?

    I’ve searched and searched and can’t figure out why some games insist on overwriting across devices, and others don’t.

    Feel free to PM me and tell me I’m stupid, but I really can’t figure this out. Help, please!
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    You’re almost there, and luckily you can actually accomplish what you’d like. There’s just a small detail you missed:

    iCloud is some storage space that is indeed linked to your Apple ID. Which, in your case, you share.

    Games that support iCloud take a look at the Apple ID used to download the game (and hence associated with the game) and upload save data to the iCloud storage.

    When you open up the game on another device, it scans to see if there’s save data on iCloud, then downloads it to synchronise your progress and be helpful.

    This is why your progress gets overwritten, this process is entirely independent of whichever GameCentre IDs you use.

    As such, turning off iCloud access for GameCentre doesn’t really do anything. I think it prevents achievement synchronisation between devices (but not between accounts) and that’s about it.

    But anyway, here’s how you stop games from using iCloud:

    Settings > tap your profile > iCloud.
    At the bottom of this list are all the games that have accessed iCloud in order to save game data. Turn off access for a game and boom: no more save data overrides.
    (You’ll have to do this for every game individually though)

    Hope that helps!
  3. tjb

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    Aug 1, 2012
    I’m so thankful for your reply. You clearly know what is going on, and you explained it very very well and clearly. Thank you!

    But this game doesn’t show up in the iCloud list. So there’s nothing to turn off. Is it possible a game could save game states on its own server and synchronize without using iCloud’s servers?
  4. tjb

    tjb Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2012
    So nobody else has issues with this?

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