Cloud Knights

"A winningly simple formula that allows for effective tactics to quickly develop."
- Pocket Gamer

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"A winningly simple formula that allows for effective tactics to quickly develop."
- Pocket Gamer

'’s becoming a game that I just can’t put down.'
- AppAdvice

Cloud Knights is a physics-based action game with an epic fantasy adventure style. It has unique and easy controls, allowing the player to move and fight by simply swinging their weapon. It can be played by up to two players on the same device. Any unlocked campaign level can be played in both single player and co-op mode. The game also includes a dueling mode, which lets players fight each other or play against a CPU-controlled knight.

The players will wield axes, swords and other weapons into battle against invading Undead Legions. Choosing the right weapon for the task is essential since the only way to control the knights is to swing your weapon left or right and use it for leverage. No traditional movement controls are included, so moving and fighting while balancing on the floating platforms can get tricky.

* Unique physics-based control method
* 60 level campaign with increasing difficulty
* Boss fights and varying missions
* Two player co-op on same device
* Versus mode for 1-2 player dueling
* Survival mode
* Beautiful game world that gradually changes with every level
* Four different weapon types to choose from. Each with upgrades.

How to play:
* Hold the right button to swing your weapon clockwise
* Hold the left button to swing your weapon counterclockwise
* Use your weapon to move your character and try to hit the enemies as hard as you can
* Finish the mission given to you in the beginning of the level
* Don't fall!
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Oct 01, 2014
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