Universal Clear Vision 4 (by Eldring Games)

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    Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clear-vision-4/id1354454274?mt=8

    Clear Vision 4: Sniper Shooter

    Eldring Games AB
    Shoot jetpacks, pirates, and famous DJ’s. Get paid *stacks* of cash. Build a sniper war machine. Get addicted to the mos…
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    Shoot jetpacks, pirates, and famous DJ’s. Get paid *stacks* of cash. Build a sniper war machine. Get addicted to the most innovative sniper game on the App store. Play every mission for free. 90% of our players have never spent a dime. Pick between classic mob missions, secret spec ops, “Wanted” bounty hunting, and hostage situations. Stalk your prey through nightlife districts, loft apartments, peaceful suburban homes, and distant mountains. MORE THAN JUST “POINT AND SHOOT” Innovative gameplay mechanics test your cleverness and wits. Eliminate targets with wrecking balls, barbecues, and without attracting attention... you said you were a professional, right? Alternate between classic sniper missions and close combat spec ops where you’ll break through windows, climb through vents, tactically breach doors. As you become infamous, you’ll move on from settling small time disputes to working for the biggest mafiosos in town. • You’ve never seen stick figures like these • Hilarious Animations • Create your perfect rifles • 40+ Missions of dramatic sniper shooting challenges • Endless hours of intense FREE sniper action • The follow up to ""Clear Vision (17+)"" , ""Clear Vision 2"" & ""Clear Vision 3"" Download in time for our next free content update.
    Seller:Eldring Games AB
    Genre:Action, Adventure
    Release:Sep 29, 2018
    Updated:Oct 02, 2020
    Size:125.5 MB
    TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
    User Rating:Unrated
    Your Rating:unrated
    Compatibility:HD Universal

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    Pretty insane this game isn't iPhone X compatible!!! uninstalled
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    And there is sound while device is muted
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  4. I played all Clear Vision games and they are still the best sniper games for mobile! (And most voilent!!)
  5. Zhang Doe

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    Mar 9, 2013
    I may have hit a glitch in which the game does not advance. I have beat all John Taylor, Shane and Multi missions, and have completed 50 Wanted missions, which I assume are just so players can generate cash. Not sure if this was the problem, but I died in the last Multi mission at the same time as I killed the last enemy, so although I completed the Mission, I died and saw the failure screen. I tried to go back and complete it but was only able to obtain the experience points one would get when finishing a previously completed mission.
  6. Zhang Doe

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    Mar 9, 2013
    After the latest update for bug fixes, upon starting up the game, I can see the next cut scene — him on boat with his family — and then once again the Wanted missions continue. I assume the story should progress, but it does not.

    Have to say, this iteration is pretty lame compared with the previous three. I liked the missions, but I feel like they aren’t as creative as they were in the first games. The Multi missions are good, but leave very little room for error since you can die very quickly. The Wanted missions are the worst ... there are only two environments, and the people all move in the same patterns.

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