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    RunServer today introduces Classic Solitaire HD 0.14 for iOS, a precise copy of the original Klondike Solitaire card game included with millions of copies of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Classic Solitaire HD looks and feels just like the old game, which has been enjoyed by so many for so long, but it contains high resolution cards carefully redrawn for Retina displays. All the game graphics were re-created manually to match the original, and the game features standard and Vegas scoring, one-card-draw or three-card-draw, and timed and untimed gameplay.


    Feature Highlights:
    * HD playing cards for Retina displays
    * No unneeded features, no strange, custom card images
    * Draw one or draw three modes
    * Timed and untimed gameplay
    * Standard and Vegas scoring
    * Double tap to move card to top
    * Jumping victory cards
    * Optional sound effects
    * Full support for all iOS 4.0 - 6.0 devices
    * Mini-cards for 3.5" mobile displays

    For solitaire players, Classic Solitaire HD is a nostalgic, retro homage to what is likely the card game played on more personal computers than any other. But besides the green felt card table, and the deck picturing a sun drenched tropical scene on the back of each card, the game recaptures something else. And that is the utility and simplicity of the original's design. There is nothing extraneous in game mechanics or graphical design. It is, in a sense, pure solitaire.

    Classic Solitaire HD 0.14
    Purchase and Download from iTunes ($0.99)
    Download from iTunes (Free)

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