Clash, a game with gunpowder! The classic Tank Battle from your childhood has upgraded to Clash With i…
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Clash, a game with gunpowder! The classic Tank Battle from your childhood has upgraded to Clash With its epic battlefield, unique gameplay, simple operation, the game has opened a new era of casual competitive game. Drive your tank and fire as your wish! In the vast battlefield, you need both operation and strategy! At the beginning, everyone starts from a junior tank driver, with endless efforts, you will have great chance to be the invincible commander! Gameplay When the game begins, you need to control the joystick to let your tank covering little dots on map, which will increase your experience and get your tank upgraded. You can control your tank to fire and speed up to chase enemy or evacuate. Watch out those attacks from other tanks! The best defense is offense! Fire toward your enemy and destroy them! It is necessary to use repairing items on map properly. When you try to destroy BOSS, you can turn into Boss’s tank. You will be given mighty power to ruin other tanks all. If you achieve a great score, don’t forget to share with you friend. You will be surprised after sharing! Features [You have plans, I have strategies] In this great battlefield, it is not enough to only have fierce fire. The situation will be reversed anytime. Sometimes your courage maybe kill you. How to make strategies is up to you, use your brain to carry your battle to win! [Simple, fun game suit for all ages!] Just ignore your age, sex, career, nationality. All you need is to tap on your screen and you will have great fun out of this! [This game is so cruel but I cannot stop playing!] Feel energetic at once when controlling those little tanks! Although the game is hard to play and cruel sometimes but I still cannot stop playing! The battlefield is waving to you! Come and join us!
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:May 01, 2017
Updated:Jun 04, 2017
Size:148.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal