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  1. matthewc

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    Mar 24, 2009
    Hey fellow gamers

    I am creating a web-series called "Citizen", and I figure'd I'd share with you folks the idea and concept as most of you are fans of action!

    "Two operatives operatives are deep cover in a perfect small town in mid-America. Things go wrong and they are hunted by the citizens of the town as they work to uncover the secrets behind their madness . The ultimate "big brother" technology and insurmountable threats combine to create an action thriller series along the same vein as the "Bourne" movies."

    Below is the action-filled stunts promo video we did for it:


    I've been working in the film industry for years, saving and securing work so I can fund my own projects. I kill myself working to raise money for my projects, I've done many 36 hours days on multiple shows recently so I can put as much money into my projects, to make them as professional as possible. We're going to shoot this pilot episode in Gibsons, BC, home of the "Beachcombers" TV show, Canada's longest running TV show.

    First piece of concept art:

    I'm also looking for input from you folks on the series. We have multiple episodes lined up and the concept is quite unique. I can go into more detail about the series, but it's a very fast paced show where the characters are always on the run from the town out to get them as they work to unravel exactly how to stop them everyone.

    Some of the stunts we're doing in the 10 minute pilot episode:

    - An 18 foot jump over a railing off a patio. One continous shot with the camera leaping over and following the actor
    - Running up and jumping over a moving car followed by the camera
    - Large fight scene running up a staircase tossing guys over the railing
    - Parkour style chase scenes

    If you actually read all this thanks for giving me a bit of time. Send on the questions!

    Here's a small blurb about my last project I did with my crew. "To Save One's Self" was shot with the same crew I'm using for this and is currently on it's way to festivals world-wide. Our Director of Photography was Peter Wilke (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0929054/), A camera operator for movies such as "A-Team" and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

    A still from my last short "To Save One' Self".
  2. matthewc

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    Mar 24, 2009
    I have some updates from our Stunt Rehearsal yesterday. It was nice to finally get some of our stunts together and see how they flowed.

    First up is a quick edit of the fight scene we put together on a stair well:

    Second, is the leap over the balcony Bourne Ultimatum style. We will be dressing the ground out as grass and using smaller boxes and pads to make the jump a bit bigger. We won't be using wires or harnesses.

    I got some good photos and BTS stuff today, so I'm prepping a blog post and video for a few days from now.
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    Mar 12, 2010
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    Wow, this looks really cool. Best of luck to you man, this could be big.

    (don't hurt yourselves...)

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