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    The company I work for released a game, called Circus Big Pop Lite. It's .. well, if you know Fruit Ninja, it's kind of like that ... only in a circus. With voice overs, and kind of a point.

    Please, check it out - let us know what you think. It's free with only a few ads here and there.


    App Title:#Circus Big Pop Lite
    Category:#Casual / Arcade
    Platform:#iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch
    iTune URL:#http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circus-big-pop-lite/id521759035?mt=8
    Rated 4+

    It’s nearly show time and the Circus’s top performers have gone missing! Join Ringmaster Renaldo in a frantic search for the circus’s main attractions. Slice through peanuts, popcorn, lollipops, and top hats, to score points. Pop the circus performer’s balloons to release them back to circus fortune and fame.
    But the clock counting down to show time. Add time by clicking the time bombs. But they come at a price: They’ll reduce your score.
    Beware of the rainbow bombs! They look tempting, but if you hit one, BOOM! Game over.

    Five hilariously voices characters
    # # # # # ##Barbell Bill, Ringling Rita, Lil’ Louisa, Wadsworth Whipplesnapper and Hickory Hubert
    Fun and energetic music
    Slicing and tapping arcade action
    Post your scores on Twitter and Facebook for bragging rights

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