Universal Chubsee HD (by Boogygames)

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    Mar 13, 2015
    Chubsee is a hefty little bird in a world that seems to be working against him. He needs your help to make it as far as he possibly can. Travel with Chubsee around the world, and try to score the highest score! Very good graphics with cool game play!


    More updates will come!!

    1.Tap and hold or continually tap to make chubsee gu up!

    2. Avoide Trees and Clouds, as wel as the top and bottom of the screen!

    3. Avoid Head on encounters with Bees as they can bounce you into danger. Although you can use them them as little boosts if timed properly!

    4. These little guys carry birdseed packets that make you invincible for short bursts of time. This enables you to pass through barriers!

    5. These little guys carry birdseed packets that shrink you down to a normal size bird, this makes it much easier for our buddy Chubsee to move about!


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