Christmas Heroes - Season it not yet over!

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    An Introduction for Christmas Heroes!

    It's not too late right ?

    Hey guys, I would like to introduce to you my Christmas Heroes from Crusader’s Quest. Maybe you are wondering, Christmas Season has just ended and these heroes are too late to introduce? Well, this article is made for reference and for those who still need for answers and information about these heroes. I’ve doing a research a couple of weeks ago, searching for some information about these new heroes made specifically for this Holiday Season. Let’ start to talk about these six Christmas heroes. Definitely these heroes have different characteristics and functions as a priest, warrior, paladin, archer, hunter, and wizard. Also discussed in this article their strengths and weaknesses.

    1. A.K.A RUDOLPH (Meathead Icon Lv.1)
    Rudolph is a Priest Class with the skills that heal nearby allies 8 times for (10/25/52 %) of heroes attack power. Rudolph’s ability are categorized into onto Rarity is 3, HP 2114, Max Level of 30, Atk.Power speed up to186, Class Standard PRIEST, Amor 122, Critical Chance is 10 and Resistance is 112. Passive (Support Type) Every time under meathead/method icon effects an ally gains 5 SP once every two seconds and whoever ally gained 5 SP and uses chain-3, in return the ally also must use chain-3. Additional information about this Priest class, you can already know it is character of a healer, priest heals allies within its range and it can heal a designated target. It is recommended to have a priest within the party because it's the only way to recover with in the game aside from potion.

    This hero here really looks cute, gives on his best through Passive -(Support type) increases the attack power up to (100/200/200) using blocks for 5 seconds. The next deck halls will be counted as chain-3 when allies use chain-3. SNOWMAN is a WARRIOR class which Armour is 160, Critical chance of 30 and Resistance of 31. Skills of this Cute hero strikes at the frontline with Christmas tree dealing with the physical damage equal to (56/178/322 %) of Heroes attack power. The Rarity of this character range to 3, HP is 3542, Max Level of 30 and lastly attack power is 118. This hero will fill your heart in a cheer. About this hero all we know, this hero uses weapons with physical skills, and mostly used as a tanker.

    3. SANTA CLAUS (Dirty Laundry Maelstrom Lv.1)
    Santa Claus might be the leader of the gang belongs to a WIZARD class (surely, he does magic, and grant your wish!) Santa here looks a bit old but you will definitely be excited on what he got. Santa’s Rarity is 3, HP is 1439, Max Level 30, Attack Power of 356, Critical Chance 21 and Resistance 182. He deals (5/13/22 percentage) magic damage base on the heroes attack power, Hails of the dirty socks! Passive – Support Type, when allies use chain-3, the next maelstrom is counted as chain-3 once every two seconds. Wizards are known to have high offensive skill block damage from normal attacks. Wizard can do critical damages using skills so wizard can be played role of a leader. it is recommended to constantly use skills.

    4. Santa – Female Version (Mystery Bell Lv.1)
    Santa seems to be the female version of Santa Claus I just discussed a while ago but obviously, they differ on skills, Power, and Class type. Skill type of this young lady throws mysterious bell each dealing with (40/100/150 %) physical Damage on Heroes attack. A.K.A Santa, Rarity is 3, Max Level is 30. Main type of response, using chain-3, the next allied chain 1 will be counted as chain -3 once every two seconds. Attack Power 310, HP of 1765, Armour of 128, Critical Chance 21 and lastly Resistance is 32.

    5. GREEN ELF (Spicy Candy Bar Lv. 1)
    Uses the ability of an ARCHER with Rarity of 3, HP 1912, having a maximum Level of 30, Attack Power of 247, Critical Chance of 24, Resistance 94 and Armour of 94. GREEN ELF shoots a candy bar that deals with (34/122/221 %) physical damage based on heroes attack power. Passive (Support Type) 50% chance to get stunned for one second when enemies on fire and immediately summons two candy bars that deal physical damage when other heroes use chain-3 and is equal to 221% of attack power once every two seconds. As the main characteristics of an Archer, it can do straight range damages. Archer can attack and give damages to the enemies behind the tanker characters. Archer is low in HP, but high in offensive damage. Most of the skills are ranged attacks; it can give damages to many enemies.

    6. BEAR GUY (Soda Eruption Lv. 1)
    He is a PALADIN class member, with Armour of 45, Resistance of 179, Critical Chance of, Rarity is 3, Attack Power 139, HP 3105 and Max Level is 30. He Showers the air with soda (cool! I really want this guy!) dealing with (50/142/322%) of physical damage base on heroes attack power. Enemies hit by soda decreased attack speed and critical speed by 50% for 5 seconds. In addition, when the other allies use chain-3, another soda eruption is being initiated every two seconds. Paladin uses hammer, can perform physical skills and recovery magic. It's specialized against magic. Paladin plays a tanker and a assistant healer role at the same time. He can also be played primarily as a healer.

    So now, what are you waiting for? Maybe you should give a try for these heroes and enjoy yourself to the wonderful story of this game, The Crusader’s Quest. I hope that I helped you to answer some doubts and worries about this game. Anyways, this game runs in a 8-bit mode. You will enjoy the cool background music and to the story play. See you on my next post!

    Check the link to take a glimpse of this game.
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    sad to say but i dont have any one of these characters haha.. im on our province and their is no internet connection their but thanks to you , im able to see their abilities and stats( at least) i think the best of them is the snowman( i wish this snowman will be available again) haha .. just like my leon of light(the 6th star leon) haha..maybe if i get that snowman, he can be a good partner with leon since they're both good tankers/warriors

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