ChocoHunters: Pirate Action

Orhan Keskin
ChocoHunters is an epic story based pirate action-adventure. This defensive Shooter is one of a kind. You defend yoursel…
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ChocoHunters is an epic story based pirate action-adventure. This defensive Shooter is one of a kind. You defend yourself by melee attack with your oar in this vertical scrolling action packed adventure. The controls are perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Get to know how it feels to be a real pirate of the caribbean. In a world where pirates ruled the great seas, and chocolate was more valuable than gold, a legendary tale was born. Three heroes rise up to become one of the greatest pirate legends of their time. They were known as ChocoHunters. They hunt for a legendary treasure. The lore of an imaginary land. Become one of these heroes and conquer the world of ChocoHunters. Embark on great adventures and try to become the greatest ChocoHunter of all times. The Hunt is on. ChocoHunters is a defensive ShootEmUp action adventure exclusively developed for Mobile devices. Survive and challenge enemies by dodging and even reflecting their shots. Survive the deadly traps and fearsome enemies to reach your ultimate goal. Discover the Secret of Death Island. Try to collect as much chocolate and gold to discover all secrets and mysteries. FEATURES: - Unique thrilling and twisting stories for each hero. Each hero has his own story to be told. - Intense Action sequences and dozens of epic boss fights! - Dozens of puzzles sections to be solved - Three gigantic worlds full of secrets and adventure - Fight against huge, menacing bosses! - Pixel perfect mobile controls for your hero - No Ad's, No In-Game purchase. Just enjoy the game as it should be! - Translated in six languages(English, German, Turkish, Spain, Russian, Japanese) - Enjoy the sophisticated game mechanics and the balanced difficulty curve, regardless of whether you see yourself as a casual gamer or a tough shoot em up fanatic. - Enjoy professional dubbing and an incredible electronic soundtrack. Thank you for playing our game.
Seller:Orhan Keskin
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Oct 31, 2020
Updated:Jan 08, 2021
Size:217.8 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal