Chipmunk Physics 5.3.2 Released!

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    Get the source while it's hot! (Mac/Win/Linux/iPhone/etc)

    Mostly a bug fixing update, but a big one. There are also a number of minor API additions and documentation fixes.

    Google Code Project Page
    Cheesy promo video: Youtube
    Documentation: C API docs/Objective-C API Docs
    See some games made with Chipmunk on the wiki.
    Demo app binaries: (Mac, Win, iPhone)

    CHANGES SINCE 5.3.1:
    • FIX: Collision begin callbacks were being called continuously for sensors or collisions rejected from the pre-solve callback.
    • FIX: Plugged a nasty memory leak when adding post-step callbacks.
    • FIX: Shapes were being added to the spatial hash using an uninitialized bounding box in some cases.
    • FIX: Perfectly aligned circle shapes now push each other apart.
    • FIX: cpBody setter functions now call cpBodyActivate().
    • FIX: Collision handler targets are released in Objective-Chipmunk when they are no longer needed instead of waiting for the space to be deallocated.
    • API: cpSpaceSegmentQuery() no longer returns a boolean. Use cpSpaceSegmentQueryFirst() instead as it's more efficient.
    • NEW: cpSpaceRehashShape() Rehash an individual shape, active or static.
    • NEW: cpBodySleep() Force a body to fall asleep immediately.
    • NEW: cpConstraintGetImpulse() Return the most recent impulse applied by a constraint.
    • NEW: Added setter functions for the groove joint endpoints.
    • MISC: A number of other minor optimizations and fixes.
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    Sep 24, 2010
    Awsome! Good job on fixing those nasty little leaks.
  3. Physics engines are a thing of beauty. Best of luck.

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