Children's Favourite Fairy Tales 8in1 free 3 day!

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    1. 8 classic fairytale stories in one book including: Pinocchio , The Emperor's New Dress, The Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Frog Prince, The Happy Prince, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.
    2. All the books are high fidelity recording.
    3. Exquisite illustrations by excellent artists.
    4. More than 120pages of exquisite illustrations
    5. The vivid characters, with voice animation.

    These two stories have 3 reading modes.
    Read for me This mode comes with audio reading
    Read it myself The book will be read by parents or yourself.
    Recording DIY Via recording, present the story with your own voice which will be saved in the system. You do not need to keep reading it from now on. Your kids will be glad to hear your voice telling the stories.

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