Chickdoom - Chickens vs Aliens

The chickens are doing their best and laying powerful eggs.  Use the eggs to destroy aliens attacking spaceships. One ca…
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The chickens are doing their best and laying powerful eggs.  Use the eggs to destroy aliens attacking spaceships. One catch, though, in CHICKDOOM, you have to be really fast! With an evil mission of abduction, aliens are back.  This time they are abducting chickens.  Chickens are smaller and lighter, making the abduction mission faster than ever.  Only one thing can destroy those spaceships and defend the farms: EGGS. Facing the ever growing waves of attacking alien spaceships, chickens on the farms are lining up and uniting to do what they do best: lay eggs. Chickens know that their eggs are the main thing that can really destroy those spaceships, so they have developed skills and strengths to lay even more powerful eggs! THERE IS ONLY ONE PROBLEM; if only the chickens could have hands, they could have used them to throw those eggs and destroy the spaceships. JOIN THE BATTLE NOW and help the farmer and his dog defend the farms and save the chickens.  It is really simple; just flick the eggs and hit the spaceships, the only skill you need with your fingers is SPEED. You really have to be fast at flicking those eggs to save the chickens. As waves of attacking spaceships increase, upgrade the chicken to lay more powerful eggs.  Things will tense up as you advance; those aliens will not give up easily, but no worries. When it really heats up, "Wilson" the farmer and his dog "Bonzo" are available for help.  You can even use the weather to your advantage.   PLEASE NOTE! Chickdoom is completely free to play; however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. FEATURES: - Simple yet challenging gameplay, flick the eggs to hit the spaceships. You need to be fast and smart. - 20 fun and challenging levels with varying difficulties. - Earn in-level coins as you destroy ships and use them to upgrade your chicken and the power of the eggs. - Buy golden egg packs and use them to add spells and power ups. Requires In-App Purchases. DOWNLOAD IT NOW, and enjoy your time while you help save the chickens.
Seller:TAYA IT
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Nov 14, 2014
Updated:Apr 07, 2015
Size:56.5 MB
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