Chessplode (by Juanma Altamirano)

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    Chessplode is modern chess for everyone, it makes chess fun even if you're bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, one simply move... can change all game.

    Chessplode is pretty much like chess with a really BIG twist...
    - CAPTURE a piece and everything in the same LINE and COLUMN will EXPLODE...
    - But if a KING is in that LINE or COLUMN it will be a really *boring* chess capture (no explosions)

    -- THINK DIFF... *DISTINCT* --
    This rule is pretty tricky, in regular chess you need to defend your KING, but in Chessplode it can save your pieces.
    Remember, you can't capture some pieces because you could get check.
    Sometimes you will checkmate by capturing a piece that explodes.
    And other you will be afraid of having several pieces in the same line or column...(POP!)

    -- FRIENDS (Who love chess) REVIEW --
    They find Chessplode a great challenge and love how they need to change the old way of thinking even if they are winning... a bad move and they will run out of pieces.

    -- FRIENDS (Who *meh* chess) REVIEW --
    Chess + Explosions... you got my attention. Some of these friends were casual chess players and others didn't really feel the attraction for chess. Both find Chessplode a really fun game. When they were playing regular chess they were not good, now they are the kings of the hill.

    -- FEATURES --
    * Realtime chess battles multiplayer with people around the world.
    * In multiplayer you can send an emoji (to express your feelings) with every move you submit. Instant fun!
    * Play Levels created for other players, you can find really madness here, but you can undo your move... everyone can make a mistake.
    * Create your own custom Level and submit it to everyone can play it. Challenge the world!
    * Try local multiplayer battles with friends in the same device. Head to head!
    * Practice playing versus Ziri.
    * A lot of different color themes, play day and night with your favourite colors.

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