BF's Draughts (Checkers)

Borys Forytarz
Play different variants of draughts (checkers) TOTALLY FOR FREE! Draughts (Checkers) is a worldwide-known, classic strat…
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Play different variants of draughts (checkers) TOTALLY FOR FREE! Draughts (Checkers) is a worldwide-known, classic strategy game. Draughts has become very popular in many countries and turned into many variants with slightly different rules. Developed with passion, this game reproduces many different variants so you can learn new rules or play your favorite ones. Enjoy free and unlimited: - English Draughts / Checkers, - American Draughts / Checkers (Pool), - Russian Draughts / Checkers, - Spanish Draughts / Checkers, - Portuguese Draughts / Checkers, - German Draughts / Checkers, - Brazilian Draughts / Checkers (minor polish, little polish), - Italian Draughts / Checkers, - Thai Draughts / Checkers, - Czech Draughts / Checkers, - Israeli Draughts / Checkers (simplified), - Turkish Draughts / Checkers, - International (10x10) Draughts / Checkers, - Dameo, - Kamikaze (Suicide Checkers / Anti-checkers / Poddavki) - "Bad Draughts". Don't know how to play? The Training mode will guide you through the game, suggest moves, warn about captures, show warnings and praises. Play against intelligent AI (five strength levels), your friend or anyone over the Internet. Create your custom rules: customize moves, capturing, crowning, board orientation and size, colors and much more. Earn points and climb in global leaderboards - separate for each game variant. All your points are summed up in one global Top Players leaderboard. KEY FEATURES: - FREE! - provides many variants of draughts (checkers) - intelligent AI - five difficulty levels - very customizable rules - variety of color schemes to choose from - two-players mode - on-line mode - leaderboards - training mode - highly configurable ***** If you like the game, please consider giving it a fresh 5-star rating. Thanks to your ratings it will keep visible in the App Store and I will be motivated to continue my work on this game. Thank you! :) Borys Forytarz - author
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Release:Oct 19, 2015
Updated:Mar 28, 2019
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