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    Hey All,

    It's been a long road but I am proud to say that the first game in the Q's Quest Series is finally near completion. I just thought I would share with you some screenshots and a video of the game play and tell you a little about it! Click here for the video.


    The game follows the adventures of a top-secret test subject named Q. Q is a little turtle that leeches onto his prey's faces. Once in control, he will then use their body as he pleases while absorbing all of their knowledge.


    Q's Quest: The Beginning follows Q during his escape from the laboratory he was born in. The goal of the game is to collect all the Nuclear Reactors in each level, and to then use them to power up the Teleportation Device hidden somewhere in the level.


    Throughout each level, find or purchase Power-Ups to traverse the dangerous enemies and terrain of the laboratory. Reach the fastest times to get your name in the Game Center Leaderboards or spend some time creating levels of your own with the game's free level editor, with a 50 level capacity!


    I hope you all will take the time to comment on the game and provide feedback. If you are interested in the storyline, more can be found at our website (in the signature).

    Modern Jester

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