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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to share a game.I have been working on for 1+ years now.
    The game is called 'Chase & Hunt' and was launched on the App store on 17th October 2015

    Growing up as a kid,I really enjoyed playing Quake 3/Unreal tournament. These games featured amazing graphics for their time,a sense of completion and accomplishment after each level.

    So Chase & Hunt was born. It features you the player as an Eagle/Hunter who has to navigate a vast open world,Find prey and catch them within the allocated time.

    App Store:
    Website :
    Facebook :

    Check out our youtube channel.It has a 6 minute gameplay video captured using iPhone6 and iMac.

    - Physically based rendering(Found in modern PC/Console titles, optimized for mobiles).
    - Dynamic lighting and shadowing system.
    - Time of day system.The hunt starts at dawn and ends at dusk.

    - Gameplay time of 15 minutes per level.No saving, if you fail you have to start again.
    - 3 levels of difficulty. Easy mode is entry level,medium and hard mode will give a nice challenge for more competitive players.
    - Each prey has an associated bounty value/The harder the prey is to catch, the higher it's value is.
    - Each prey type has a smart AI system.It will try and replan,rather than run in a straight line to avoid getting caught.
    - The game rewards players who hunt a variety of players(i.e the bounty value of a prey decreases each time the same type of prey is caught).
    - The controls have been designed for extended play.An interactive tutorial is present.
    - Each level has a unique soundtrack according to the theme of the terrain for more immersive experience.

    Right now you need atleast iPhone5s and above to play the game.We have submitted a new patch this week which includes support for older devices(But u need alteast iPad4 or iPhone5).

    Our team consists of 3 members. Me the programmer,one artist and a musician,

    Ganesh Mamadapur

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