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    Charmed is FREE today with App Rewards Club. Download it now and then, after playing, share this post on Facebook with your own opinion for a chance to win a $10 US iTunes Gift Card. See more details in our post:

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    The following is our opinion... what's yours?

    This app is a must have for the action puzzle lover. Combining various power ups and phone rotation to alternate gravity, it takes Bejeweled-like gameplay to a whole new level. Try it just once and you will be hooked!
  2. If you are going to put these ads up for your service, can you please learn how to link the games to touch arcade by using appinfo, and can you put your ad in your signature? Thanks.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll use the appinfo tag in this section.
  4. Thanks, sent you a pm on how to use appinfo. Cheers!
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    I got this game back during the first Appvent Calendar promotion. That must have been what...winter of '08 or '09?

    Great gem swapper style game, though it's been IAP-ed since it first came out.

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