Chaos Minders

Get ready to experience the excitement of gesture based “slash & cut” fun together with lightning fast arcade platfo…
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Get ready to experience the excitement of gesture based “slash & cut” fun together with lightning fast arcade platforming action! Download Chaos Minders, head off on a race through the jungle to save the world from evil & redefine how you game on the go today!


Set in a lush, wildly colorful cartoon jungle setting, Chaos Minders throws you into the boots of Crawford - a grizzled adventurer and leading Chaos Minder dead set on collecting keys, gold and everything else the world needs to fight off the elements of Chaos and save the world!

Set up as a classic 2D arcade side-scroller with a twist, Chaos Minders will challenge your hand-eye coordination and timing skills as you bob and weave your way around danger and jump at all the right moments to collect gold coins, bars and keys floating overhead in one stage after another, chapter after chapter!

You’ll need a steady slashing finger too as you can cut through everything you can’t get around like cannon toting spiders, falling boulders, coconuts and more!

Crawford’s Chaos Minding Tips (It’s a good advice, he knows best!):

•When in doubt, slash it up!

•Don’t know where you’re heading? Don’t worry. Just keep running and keep yourself alive, the goal will get clearer as you head further along!

•Never slow down. Ever! If you see gold jump for it. If you see falling rocks or coconuts cut em’ up. If you see a bomb headed your way then dodge it!

Venture into the jungle, get ready to slash & jump and start your journey now!

Chaos Minders Features:

•# Chapters each featuring 10 sequentially more challenging stages.

•Intuitive controls and seamless animations.

•Colorful graphics and lightning fast action.

•Responsive gesture based gameplay together with reaction & timing skills.

•Whimsical narrative that gives you a motive to the madness!

•Slash and jump gaming like you’ve never experienced before!
Release:Aug 30, 2012
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