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    I missed the Eliss price drop so to reward a hard week i got a game on my want list.

    Just picked up chain3 on the price drop at $3. I've been waiting eons to get this early iPhone match3 contender and despite a few glitches, it was worth it. Some user named Saurik even gave it a good review. It was one of the first games when the AppStore debutted.
    The essence of gameplay is making matches from other matches. The game production has a professional arcade quality with hyperkinetic flashes and a spacey warping robotic soundscape. I love the freeform nature of piece movement on the grid. It's simplistically boring at the match3 level but progressively and subliminally gets addictive with time as the gameplay gets trancey hypnotic. I'm guessing that is why I couldn't find any TA thread on it. The dev sounds like he has a gaming background and the video is worth a look. There is a puzzle and free play untimed mode but the normal play is easy to get into. The app takes the full screen with no menu so pausing is done with a hard exit to home.

    Chain3 is definitely one of those overlooked gems. Hopefully with more popularity, the dev will breathe back more life to it.

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