Chain Poker 2

Chain Poker 2 introduces a whole new way to enjoy poker!

A New Type of Poker Game
• Players compete with 5…
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Chain Poker 2 introduces a whole new way to enjoy poker!

A New Type of Poker Game
• Players compete with 5 cards that they have selected themselves from a set of 25 cards that are laid out in 5x5 pattern in 60 seconds.
• The user selects an initial card. The subsequent cards the user can select must be either horizontally, vertically or diagonally in one line with the initial card.

Different Rules
• Out of the 25 cards, 5 are hidden cards. The user can only reveal a hidden card by using a Flip Item to flip over the hidden card the user has selected.
• If the 5 players receive 25 different cards, each player can increase the number of his/her bets 5x in multi play mode and 2x in single play mode.

How to compete
• Before placing his/her bet, the user is able to see the history of the win/losses of the previous 10 games. Once the winner has been determined, points are calculated based upon the winner’s hand with each of the other 4 losing hands and the number of times each player has increased his/her bet.

Pay Table
• Points are allotted for pairs in accordance with the Pay Table.
• For example, in the room, if Winner A wins with a Flush, the losses are different for Loser B who has a Flush and Loser C who only has One Pair. Loser B’s losses are calculated by subtracting Loser B’s 5 points for a Flush, according to the Pay Table, from Winner A’s total 6 points, which is 1, the initial bet amount, plus 5 points for a Flush. 6-5=1 Loser B loses 1x the initial bet amount of or . In case of Loser C, Loser C has a total of 1 point for his One Pair. 6-1=5 Thus, Loser C loses 5x the initial bet amount of or .

Betting Rule
• The losses are greater if the players increased their bets during the game. For example, if Winner A increased his/her bets 5x and Loser B increased his/her bets 3x during the game, Winner A receives a total of from Loser B, 5x3x1 = 15.
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