Chain Link Pro 2

The long awaited sequel to the Apple featured game, Chain Link Pro, is now FREE! Offering a new twist to the match-three…
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The long awaited sequel to the Apple featured game, Chain Link Pro, is now FREE! Offering a new twist to the match-three puzzler genre, it's a fun fast-paced mix of strategy and quick reflexes. Create crazy long chains of similar shapes while dodging and scoring without breaking the chain.

Chain Link Pro 2 is simple to play, just glide one finger across the screen to link together matching colored shapes and navigate the chain into the center vortex to score. Forming longer chains increases the difficulty of avoiding collisions but also rewards you with more points.

There are 17 power-ups a chain can collect to ensure survivability and maximize points, ranging from miniature chains to multi-colored chains to metamorphosis to chain invincibility. Collect the special mystery power-up every 2 hours which offers amazing rewards - including a chance for an extra life to be used anytime you wish.

• Static game mode - Shapes are created on a static grid and don't move. Clear the screen by chaining around the maze of other colorful shapes without getting too close.
• Arcade game mode - Always moving shapes that appear from the top or bottom of the screen.
• Timed game mode - Race against the clock to earn enough points to add additional play time. Collisions subtract points but don't end the game.
• Hyper Chain - Score as high as possible in 60 seconds. Contains faster spawning power-ups and multiplier awards. This is super addicting, make sure you check it out!
• Chain Pattern - Offers a different spin on game play - connect shapes in the same order as the pattern displayed at the top of the screen.
• Chain Entity - Collecting shapes will increase the size of the main shape and start pulling non-matching shapes towards it. Score before your shape gets too big to control.

Earn and complete quests for extra points and unlock new power-ups.

Level up through the chain ranks and unlock new game modes and extra lives.

• Speedster - Create a chain and score within seconds for additional points.
• Repeater - Score repeated times with the same type of chain.


• Offers easy, medium and hard degrees of difficulty! Each difficulty has a different amount of lives.

• Takes seconds to learn but hours to master. Discover new tricks each time you play.

• A rich 3D sound experience when using headphones.

• High production value with beautiful graphics, advanced particle effects and fluid chain movement.

• Designed exclusively to take advantage of touch screen devices so controlling the game feels natural.

• Rock out to your own music from your media library as you play.

• Game auto-saves and auto-pauses whenever you get a call or switch to another app.

Please note that some features require the one-time Premium upgrade purchase.
Genre:Action, Puzzle
Release:Mar 18, 2015
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