iPad CF Defense-Halloween returns with a spectacular special edition!

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    CF Defense-Halloween
    Price: FREE
    Platform: iPhone
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    CF Defense-Halloween just updated for HALLOWEEN with a brand new theme. It returns with a spectacular special edition! Come and have a try!




    CF Defense-Halloween is an addictive FPS game.
    You must withstand the enemy’s overwhelming attacks with the machine guns, cannon shot and air backup to hold your fortress.

    In comparison with other types of defensive shooting games, this game’s weapon aiming is realized with the Accelerator. You can easily aim at targets by move iPhone up and down, left and right rather than touching on the screen.

    Holding your iPhone, and imagine you are a fully armed warrior, with no fear in face of several-fold enemies, you are sparing no efforts to shoot those who dare to step onto the beach. Are you desirous of that kind of joyful cool feeling? No more waiting, just take up your iPhone and play with us!

    Game Features:
    1. Controls: easy to play, easy to learn, can experience the cool feeling of shooting the enemy with gravity system.
    2. Weapons: machine gun and cannon shot, each with 2 kinds and 10 power upgrades.
    3. Characters: male and female characters will bring different feelings to you.
    4. Rank: with the increase of the score, player’s rank will rise gradually and more maps will be unlocked.
    5. Scenes: there are 3 scenes in different environments, cloudy day, sunny day and evening.
    6. Enemy: you will face 5 kinds of well-equipped enemies.

    Thanks for all your supports! We will develop more interesting games for your love and concern!

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