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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Alichan, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Hello all,

    Ok, I am currently quite the Centipedaholic (Ultra Mode), but the lack of any on-line high scores is making me feel a bit lonely:( Anybody care to share their score with one and all? I'll start:

    Ultra Mode: 305797

    Please let there be someone out there with a higher score....:)
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    Cool, i was wondering what kind of scores were out there for Centipede.

    I have 430,925 and 425,523 points in Ultra mode (clearly the best mode!)

    I love the game, but the only con is that your eyes start to hurt after the 20 or 30 minutes it takes to get there.

    That's why i marvel at the hour + times of the best Blue Attack scores. (tho i feel that game is not as hard on the eyeballs as Cent is in crazy Ultra)

    I haven't played it in a while but i will go for it again soon.

    btw, i have played almost every version of Centipede from the arcade to 5 or 6 console versions and have even recently checked my Atari Classics Evolved on the PSP and this iPhone/touch version is better/different and spanks everything else hands down...
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    Yay, another Centipede fan:) And a Centipede Pro at that. And damn it....your better than me;). But don't you worry, I shall be back to that little gem before not too long (in a few minutes time probably:D) and try my best to beat 'Garrett' with his 500,000 (I am beginning to think these people on the high scores list really exist...sad I know:eek:. But don't worry, when I start developing profiles for them I shall personally call the men in white coats).

    Anyway, watch this space;).

    ps. I've only ever played the iPhone version. So happy to hear it's the dogs dangly's of Centipede's out there:)

    pps. Anymore of you out there? Go on, scream it to the world....or the Touch Arcade community at the very least:)

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