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    Jul 24, 2012
    Before animals, before plants, even before insects... single cells ruled the earth. Immerse yourself in the interactive world of the primordial soup as a simple cell striving for survival. Consume nutrients to produce protein, avoid harmful DNA viruses, and battle with other cells for control of the primordial seas. Evolve YOUR cell your own way.


    * Fun and Energetic Gameplay and Movement With Realistic Physics and Motion

    * Customizable Cells with More Options as You Progress in the Game - choose to focus on attack, defence, speed, production... or balance a combination of all of them.

    *Accessible to players of all types- easy to pick up and play.

    * Fully integrated with Facebook and Game Centre to Show off your achievements, and compare your progress with other players.

    Free App Download on AppStore- Click Here!

    "A weirdly addicting way to pass the time... Love the biologically correct cell features :)"

    "This game is so addictive! The idea is awesome! Everything is just great! Love it love it"

    "Truly Great ☆"


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