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    Aug 4, 2015
    Cecil, the lion’s story may not have had a very happy ending in real life, but this game definitely will.
    Taking you through a thrilling journey of jumping over obstacles and other such challenges, :) is about Cecil’s chase behind the notorious dentist Walter Palmer who is known to have hunted and savagely killed Cecil in real life.
    After hearing Cecil’s story, like many others I was outraged at Palmer’s cruelty and thought of ways that Palmer could be punished or made to feel how animals being hunted feel. This game offers a great way to vent my anger. Not only do I find this game extremely fun but it is also amusing because the tables have turned here and it is the dentist who is being chased.

    Furthermore, the safari background allows me to envision the environment that lion’s such as Cecil normally live in and the jeep full of people portrays the intrusion of men into wildlife and jungles which are known to be sanctuaries for animal’s such as lions.

    If you felt even an ounce of sympathy or anger towards Cecil’s unfortunate ending, I would urge you to contribute and help raise awareness by simply playing this game. The awareness is just an added bonus point because I can guarantee you that once you start playing you will be hooked. Ten percent of the profits will go to Wild CRU which is a conservation project.

    Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.outofbox.cecilthelion.android
    Website link: http://www.ceciltheliongame.com/

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