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    with immense delay.... here the final download links
    Full (paid) version :

    Lite (free) version which limits you to 1 graphic skin and 1 custom layout :

    UPDATE : Official Release Date 11/27/2013
    Trailer :

    Hi all !
    for first time i'm on this forum to speak about an application instead of a game (and it feels strange..) BUT the application is actually game related somehow.

    CCP : Custom Control Pad is the application, it will be very soon available on the AppStore as a universal app, and soon after we will release it for Android too.

    With CCP a user can setup infinite "layouts" of buttons, labels, graphic elements , knobs, virtual joystics, midi in/out controls etc, and control a PC/Mac with it.
    We started working on it to transform our touch devices in "Control pads" for the pro applications we use every day (3d software as Maya or Lightwave, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Logic etc...). You could have a photoshop layout with all your most used keyboard shortcuts, a layout for illustrator with different ones, one for final cut and so on. CCP on device will react to application switching on PC/Mac and switch layout accordingly. (example : working on photoshop and then switching to illustrator ). Buttons on mobile device can trigger all possible keyboard shortcuts, combinations and input types on the PC / MAC.

    We where also working on a joystick application to control our future PC/Mac games so we decided to merge the 2 projects, in CCP you will be able to setup a layout with a virtual joystick, buttons, displays with info etc..

    We will release a public SDK to send data from pc/mac to CCP on mobile device, so that applications can send info to ipad screen (time in Final Cut, brush size in Photoshop, console in unity). (modding/plugins can bring this functionality in many cases)

    Developers will be able to set up from their applications or games layout appearance on CCP on idevice etc.. But can't yet say much about it.

    Users will be able to export and share their layouts, (we are working on a centralized server solution to allow layout searching and downloading directly inside the application).
    Users will also be able to create custom "Skins" changing every single graphic element of the layout (metal skin, wood skin etc.)

    Here are some example layouts to control different applications and a game (Kerbal Space Program) .

    (WARNING : graphics are unfinished, beta version etc....)

    Unity 3D

    Final Cut Pro X

    Kerbal Space Program :

    Really hope you'll like it, and we would love your feedback, which applications and games you think it will be most useful for, your favourite shortcuts etc....

    Thanks for your time !
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    Jun 24, 2013
    This will appeal to loads of devs and users :) amazing stuff!
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    Feb 6, 2013
    This looks so cool!
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    Feb 4, 2009
    thanks for the feedback and comments !

    I will be at UNITE 2013 later this month , so you can contact me to have a talk / demo of CCP in use and what it can do for your games !

    And here is an example of CCP in use with EVE online :
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    Feb 4, 2009
    We are approaching release and have managed to include in version 1.0 joystick support, so now you can add to your layouts joystick axis and buttons !

    Here is an example with Kerbal Space Program Layout :

    As you can see there are also "Analogue gauges" in the layout, those work trough our API and a very fastly made plug in for Kerbal Space Program, developers or modders can easily add support for them (and many other things) to their apps and games !

    All feedback is more than welcomed, and suggestions will be very much appreciated and taken into serious consideration.
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    We finally have a release date for CCP Custom Control Pad : 11/27/13

    We have also made a trailer for it :

    and release version description :
    Create a simple intuitive control hub for anything you need to do on your Mac or PC with CCP: Custom Control Pad! Download this completely customizable function sandbox and re-create keyboard & controller inputs, layout designs, and more!

    CCP turns your iPad or iPhone into an extension of your computer’s controls, helping you optimize the way you operate complex programs, play games, and everything in between!

    The power is in your hands. You are free to create inputs that instantly carry out complex commands, decorate created GUI layouts as you need - feel free to share the skins you make too - and even send and display data in real-time right on your CCP interface.

    Create multiple layouts for use with different programs and/ or games - each complete with virtual controls in the form of labeled joysticks, knobs, buttons, slide controllers, and which ever other interface elements you might need. Established commands (i.e. Ctrl + Alt + Del) can be re-created as single-button commands as well.

    Since CCP is capable of receiving data from your computer in real-time due to a handy public API, you can go above and beyond simply creating enhanced controls, and customize the actual programs or mod the actual games you love to show program or in-game data right on your iPad!

    Don’t limit yourself to your keyboard. Get CCP: Custom Control Pad and evolve the way you control your favorite games and programs on PC and Mac.

    CCP: Custom Control Pad Features & Highlights:

    No more need to memorize hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for various applications and games you use in your daily PC life. Simply create new controls for all of them with CCP!

    Control your PC / Mac wirelessly.

    Turn your iPad or iPhone into a customizable keyboard / joystick or both together!

    Create and use Fully customizable virtual joysticks, set ranges, sensibility etc. directly on CCP and see the effects immediately in your games.

    Create, edit and share infinite layouts to control your favorite applications and games.

    Add buttons, virtual joysticks, sliders, labels, and other graphic elements to your layouts.

    Fully customize layouts with fully controllable skin editing options.

    Free Skin Creator application for PC/Mac.

    Six "default" high-res skins included.

    2 finger swipe function to switch between layout in folders. Create multiple layouts for a single game / application, and rapidly switch them according to your needs.

    Immediate use options via a collection of “default” layouts that ship with the application (over 40 available in version 1.0).

    Downloadable layouts offered through other users via in-app server browsing.

    Connect layouts to specific applications or games enables automatic application - layout tethering upon application/ CCP start-up.

    Import images from your camera roll and use them as layout elements!

    Connect multiple devices to a single PC/Mac, allowing you to use all the touch screen space you can gather!

    Extensive font support - Use fonts provided by skin or browse our extensive font library.

    Folder options for easy organization.

    Public API support - enables applications and games on PC/Mac to send data to CCP that you can use to connect the app and use it to display real-time data.

    Symbol support - no more going crazy trying to find out how to write symbol on your PC.

    Applications supported by default layouts (available with app download, all other applications are supported but you might need to create or download a layout for it):

    - Final Cut Pro

    - Logic Pro

    - Office suite

    - Keynote (turn your iPhone into a PowerPoint / Keynote remote controller)

    - Photoshop

    - Illustrator

    - Maya

    - Lightwave

    - xCode

    - Visual studio

    - Finale

    - Unity 3D

    And games :

    - Kerbal Space Program (with a Mod for it you can read display KSP data on your iOS device)

    - Arma 3

    - Battlefield titles

    - Dota 2

    - Eve Online

    - F.I.F.A soccer game

    - Pes

    - Flight Simulator X

    - X Plane 10

    - Grid 2

    - MechWarrior online

    - Total War Rome 2

    - Wargame Airland Battle

    - X3
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    Feb 4, 2009
    Just found again this thread, so here I'm posting with just 4 years of delay the final download links for both CCP and CCP Lite :)

    Full (paid) version :

    Lite (free) version which limits you to 1 graphic skin and 1 custom layout :

    Even if long time has passed we are still using ccp for work and gaming, so if any suggestion/feedback arises requiring an update to the App we are open to it.

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