Caves Of Mars

Silkweb Commerce Ltd
The Caves Of Mars is the new 2D action space shooter game set in the mysterious caves of the planet Mars. Mission Thars…
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The Caves Of Mars is the new 2D action space shooter game set in the mysterious caves of the planet Mars. Mission Tharsis is a mountainous region on Mars where hundreds of caves have been discovered. These caves contain precious gems which are heavily guarded by enemies and alien life forms. Your mission is to explore these caves, destroy the enemies and collect as many gems as possible. Collecting gems will increase your health and gain points. You will gain extra bonus points the more gems you collect and enemies you destroy. There are 100 cave levels to complete, each one generated completely randomly so no two levels are ever the same. As you progress through the levels the caves will become larger, more complex and you will encounter more challenging enemies, aliens and obstacles. Controls Your spacecraft will automatically descend downwards until it hits the ground or reaches an obstacle. Control your spacecraft by tilting your device in the direction you wish to travel, or you can enable the on-screen controller in settings. Fire by tapping on the screen. Enemies You will encounter many different enemies as you progress though the caves. Some guard their position and don’t move, whilst others form waves of enemy spacecraft which will follow you. The more powerful enemies will take serval hits to destroy. Enemy Bosses Watch out for enemy boss spacecraft. Some of the Key Cards are in the possession of enemy bosses so you will need your weapons to destroy these and collect the Key Card. Aliens Watch out for Alien lifeforms. Some of these can move, jump or fly and throw lightning bolts. Fuel Collect fuel to boost your health. Power Ups Collect vessels containing Weapons and Shield Power-ups. Collected power-ups are displayed in the right-hand panel. Activate / deactivate these by clicking them or selecting keys 1-8. Each power-up with change the appearance of your player spacecraft. Key Cards and Laser Doors Find and collect 'Key Cards' to unlock ‘Laser Doors’ to gain access to each section of these caves. Map To help there is a map of each cave system indicating the location of each Key Card and the laser doors they unlock. Open this by clicking on the map button. The caves get larger and more complex as you progress so you will need this map. Laser Beams Beware of the laser beams which you will need to negotiate your way through as they switch on and off. Each laser beam will turn off and on as you approach it. To return you need to navigate the sequence of laser beams before returning. Moving Platforms Navigate your way through moving platforms.
Seller:Silkweb Commerce Ltd
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Sep 29, 2021
Updated:Sep 29, 2021
Size:299.9 MB
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