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    Catty Trails is a fun and simple-to-play game. Get ready with your little ball of
    fur to have a relaxing time. Designed for you and your cat, it is a very simple,
    fast, and exciting cat game. Adult or a toddler, anyone can play Catty Trails
    without any problems!

    Download the game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameniq.cattytrails

    We are sure your cat loves woollen balls, skeins, cotton wool ball, yarn ball. Duh!
    It has so many names! Collect as many as woollen balls you can. Unlock various
    cats you love. Choose from seven different cats to play with. Enjoy different
    worlds with your cat while collecting your cat’s favourite toy. Collect daily rewards
    for more points. The one thing making the game more attractive is the gradually
    increasing cat speed. So keep an eye on your cat.
    Collect special woollen balls for power ups. What makes Catty Trails unique is
    you can enjoy it with your Cat and you will never get. Come on, it’s your lovable
    cat, won’t you spare some time for your pet?

    How To Play
    Easy controls: Swipe right or left to change the lanes. Avoid hitting your cat with
    any of the road obstacles.
    The more the merrier: Remember, the more distance you cover, more speedy
    your cat gets, the more points your earn!
    Get all of them: Collect as many as woollen balls you can. Enjoy special woollen
    balls with power-ups.

    Key Features
    1. Attractive graphics
    2. Relaxing music
    3. Endless mode
    4. Unlock various worlds
    5. Various cats to choose from
    6. Daily rewards

    COMING SOON: Show how much you love your cat by designing and decorating
    its kennel with amazing things like cat playground, delicious cat food, cat
    accessories, cat water bowls, cat toys and much more.
    Share Catty Trails with friends. We are sure they won’t be disappointed! Do not
    forget to leave a rating. All your feedback are welcome as it will help us improve
    the game.

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