Catopia: Rush

"Catopia: Rush drops players into a fantasy world filled with monsters and dungeons. You lead a raid party of heroic cat…
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"Catopia: Rush drops players into a fantasy world filled with monsters and dungeons. You lead a raid party of heroic cats, each with their own unique roles and skills. Launch arrows from your bow or blast bolts of fire magic with super easy, one-handed controls. Simply stop to shoot, and move to dodge as your team follows you! Anyone can play but mastery is encouraged through optional harder difficulties. As you clash with each dungeon boss, make sure to keep your warriors healed, your mages safe, and your damage dealers active! Only the player’s Hero can be damaged but if they fall, the team also falls. All of this action is paired with some of the cutest, zaniest cat characters around from a mech pilot to a sentient piece of bread and beyond! Get your wands, swords, and bows ready -- it’s time for Catopia: Rush! Features: * SUPER SIMPLE & FUN CONTROLS Move and attack with your cats with simple controls! Unleash powerful attacks at the edge of your fingertips. Control your Hero cat and watch as your allies fight beside you. * DESTROY HORDES OF MONSTERS Face hundreds of monsters and powerful bosses in various dungeons! Experience dozens of satisfying special attacks and demolish waves of enemies. * UNLOCK CHARACTERS FROM AN EXPANDING ROSTER Meet unique characters with fun personalities and stories. Choose one Hero and three allies that fall into Tank, Support, Warrior, or Mage roles. More characters will steadily be added! * CREATE THE PURRFECT TEAM Unlock unique cat heroes and create the ultimate team! Conquer enemies using a combination of cats and creative strategies. * UPGRADE AND POWER UP Level up your cats to their full potential! Increase your Cat Power to gain unimaginable power. Hero attack patterns get stronger from leveling with 10 Talent Sets for 100 total upgrades! * BUILD YOUR VILLAGE - IDLE SYSTEM Let your village buildings gather materials while you're away! Use those materials to make your cat team stronger without grinding. Restore Catopia to glory! * COMPETE ON THE LEADERBOARDS Every level has stars to earn and a leaderboard to climb with additional leaderboards per character and per chapter. Earn points through combos and speed or really boost your score by beating a level without getting hit! Perfect! * EARN MORE REWARDS IN CHALLENGES Special challenge rooms that really test one’s skill allows for specialized reward bundles. Download this epic RPG now and restore Catopia! Catopia is completely free to play, but some optional in-game items will require payment. By downloading this application on your device you are agreeing to our terms of service; NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet to access full game features. "
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:May 31, 2021
Updated:Aug 25, 2021
Size:435.9 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal