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    - Full Version (USA) : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/catchmole/id393848292?mt=8

    - Free Version (USA) : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/catchmole-lite/id393851549?mt=8

    Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxixXjk4DtE

    - Promo Codes -

    1. Introduction of 'CatchMole'

    CatchMole is made up for the iPhone. It enables you enjoy with fun on the iPhone.

    Based on gentle classic music for the background, Catch mole by touching them
    and feel funny to get more high scores than anyone in the world.

    2. Characters

    - Pink Mole, Yellow Mole, Blue Mole, Hedgehog

    1) Starting game

    - New Game
    You can start game at the level which you want.
    Please be notified to select level is limited to the stage which was failed on the previous game.

    - Continue
    If the game ends on the previous game, you can restart the level which was ended on the previous game.
    When you use ‘continue’ function, it starts from scores which was got at the previous game.

    2) Progress in game


    - Level
    It is divided by 999 stages.
    From fist to 10th stages, level gets more difficult step by step. After 10th stager,
    the level becomes higher at regular intervals.
    Free version has only 10 stages.

    - Challenge
    It means that the quantity of the mole you have to catch. It falls one off whenever you touch the hedgehog
    If you complete to catch all moles for mission of the level it will go up to the next level.

    - Mission
    Ratio on the left is the catching rate which you has touched and on the right means the minimum rate to continue the game. If the rate of touching is less than mission, life will decrease.
    Checking ratio begins after ten moles are shown on the game.

    - Hit/Total
    Hit means number of the mole to be caught on the level.
    Total means number for whole moles showing on the game.

    - Life
    Three lives will be given after the game starts.
    Life will fall off one by one if you catch hedgehog or miss too much moles.
    Game will be ended when has no more life. Free Version has only one life.

    3) Bonus Stage


    Bonus stage is shown whenever three levels go up in a row.
    You can get high scores touching moles to be shown in a order during 30 seconds without decreasing life.
    If you touch mole in a wrong order, bonus stage will be ended then go up to the next level.

    4) Game Scores


    Score is calculated by below rules.
    - According to the kinds of the moles : two points for Pink, Three points for Yellow, Five points for Blue.
    - If you get COMBO consecutively, you will achieve from double points to fifty folds at the biggest.
    - At the Bonus Stage the points are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 70 and 100 in a row.

    5) Online Ranking


    Online Ranking service is offered through OpenFeint.
    CatchMole is supporting two LeaderBoards by Score and Level and you can check your rank and scores comparing with other users in the world.

    - Ranking
    It is located on the starting menu and connected with Open Feint service so that it is changed to Score and Level LeaderBoards. Also you can check online ranking.

    - Submit
    It is on the ending menu and connected with Open Feint service so that it records the scores of the game
    which was ended. If you record higher score than previous records, it will show related contents.

    6) Background Music
    CatchMole plays ten kinds of classic music for the background. Hearing gentle music and enjoying game!
    Also you can play your own music on the iPod while enjoying game.
    You don’t have to give up the chance to hear your favorite music.
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