Android Catch the bullet: Defeat the Crime [FREE][GAME][CASUAL]

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    Jan 15, 2022
    Hey everybody, check out my new casual indie game on Google Play, its really fun and entertaining!

    Give it a try and download, its worth it!! :


    Catch fast flying bullets and improve your skills! Dynamic gameplay will not let you get bored. Earn coins for every bullet caught and train your reaction. For the coins you earn, you can buy beautiful bullet wraps and buy useful bonuses. Take the first line in the leaderboard, prove to everyone that you are the best player and have fun!

    Features of Catch the Bullet! :

    - 25 interesting and energetic levels.
    - Small amount of ads
    - The function of slowing down time during the level.
    - Addictive and fast gameplay.
    - Lots of cool bullet wraps.
    - Clear tutorial when you first enter the game

    The game will help you:

    - Take a break from reality and immerse yourself in the gameplay
    - Develop finger motor skills
    - Improve your reflexes
    - Have a good time



    Modes Screenshot (3)mdpi.png Gameplay Screenshot (2)mdpi.png Tutorial Screenshot (3)mdpi.png Plot Screenshot (3)mdpi.png Store Screenshot (3)mdpi.png

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