Universal Catch 100 Balls (can you?)

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    I'm excited to announce that my first 'proper' game is due for release shortly after the Easter break in the UK. Coming to both iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. There will be 2 flavours, 1 free one with adverts and a paid version advert free.

    Here's the short PR burst -
    Catch as many balls as you can from 100 and collect all the stars. Featuring 40 levels, a variety of obstacles and the dreaded 'death ball', catching 100 balls won't be easy as they bounce and jump in different directions. With your quick reflexes, drag the bucket to collect the falling balls and score high.

    With glorious hand painted art, and future seasonal updates due, catch 100 balls will test your reactions with its simple and addicting game play. Seasonal updates through 2015 to keep your reflexes in tune.

    Come Like us on facebookto stay up to date
    Come Like us on facebook to stay up to date
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    Added some new screens

    #screenshotsaturday - added some additonal screens to facebook

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