Cat Shelter and Animal Friends

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"When I was a child, in my little drawer, I had my own fairies who kept my secrets." Cat Shelter and Animal Friends i…
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"When I was a child, in my little drawer, I had my own fairies who kept my secrets." Cat Shelter and Animal Friends is more than just a pretty game. This is a mind relaxing game truly resonates with you. Playing this game will calm your mind, relieve stress and help you relax. Stop playing stressful games and enjoy emotional art and music designed specifically for stress relief. If you are experiencing anxiety and insomnia, you can start playing this game right now. Cat Shelter and Animal Friends is idle mind relaxing game. It helps you relieve stress and gives you peace of mind. It is easy to play without complicated controls. Features of the game - You can meet over 30 charming and cute cats and their friends. - You can expand your own world without stress just by looking at it - Provides unique character and atmosphere with hand-painted oil-painting style art - You can select the lines that reflects your own experience and the lines you want to hear - You can keep your mood journal everyday - We provide a variety of mini-games such as constellation puzzles, classification, matching, and timing game. - Get rewards through daily missions and achievements Decorate and expand your shelter - There are various shelters such as the Breeze, the Small train station and the Pond - There are various and pretty objects suitable for the environment in each shelter - Collect hearts to open objects and level up - You can expand to the next shelter by collecting all the objects - You can meet new cats and more diverse animal friends at each shelter - Invite cats and animals to tend shelters and relax together. Interact with cute animal friends - Each cat and animal friend has their own story - Wondering what kind of story your friend has? Then raise their affinity level. - Some animals can change their appearance with a tuft of fur. Collect fur tufts - Touch the animal character. It is interesting to observe the different movements of each animal - When a speech bubble pops up, press it. Each animal has their own different lines Recommended for: - Those who like mind relaxing games, stress relief games, raising games, and decorating games - People who love animals such as cats, dogs, penguins and hamsters - Anyone who wants to find comfort, relieve stress and relieve tension through games - People who like various mini games - People who like idle games 'Cat Shelter and Animal Friends' is an anxiety relief game, a comforting game, a mind relaxing game, and an anti-stress game. Play and calm your mind, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and relax. Download the comforting, mind relaxing, anti stress game for free and satisfy your mind and soul If you find a bug or have any suggestions, please send them to [email protected] We will continue to make more interesting mind relaxing games, idle games, and easy games.
Seller:Buff Studio Co.Ltd.
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Nov 02, 2021
Updated:Nov 24, 2021
Size:83.2 MB
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