Cat Revenge

★★★★★"Better than Angry Birds"
★★★★★"Finally a GREAT ORIGINAL game!!…
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★★★★★"Better than Angry Birds"
★★★★★"Finally a GREAT ORIGINAL game!!!"...
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It's an exciting puzzle game suitable for all ages.It combines realistic game physics,enduring levels. It's instantly accessible,wholly addictive,and thoroughly entertaining-just like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. Don't miss it!
Revenge on the rats who stole the the cat's chess.Your task is to destroy all the rats, to help cats to revenge. Use hammer to crack the object to break the balance of the scene so that the objects will hit the rats, then they will disappear.
At the same time, you have to keep cats from the objects, otherwise the game will end.
Keep all the rats and cats within the scene, otherwise the game will end.
During the game, you can break diamonds, gem basin to gain points!
Object description:
1 wood: You can crack it section by section.
2. Ice bar: You can crack it with a hammer.
3 Stone: can not be cracked.
4. Bomb case: it will explode by the force, the explosion will cause a strong impact to the objects nearby.
5. Iron Balls: rats and cats will die if they are hit by the iron balls.
6. Barbed iron fence: rats and cats will die immediately if they are hit by it.
Scoring rules
1. Rats: to eliminate a mouse can get 2000 points
2. Gems: to break stones can get 1000 points
3. Gem basin: to break gem basin can get 5000 points.
NOTES: do not let cat hit by any object, otherwise the game will end.
Cat Revenge features hours of gameplay and lots of replay value.
Lovely and humorous cartoon.
Agitate your tired brain.
Humorous,suit the taste of both old and young.
Ultra-realistic object physics.
User-friendly touch controls.
Dazzling colors.
Countless hours of fun.
New levels coming soon!
Genre:Education, Family
Release:Oct 12, 2011
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