Cat Inc. : Idle Animal Company

Hadeul soft Co., Ltd.
When did we start to like cats? What is a family-like company? Are there peaceful working hours? Days when I'm always b…
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When did we start to like cats? What is a family-like company? Are there peaceful working hours? Days when I'm always busy with complicated thoughts... Sometimes, don't you just want to look at the cute things and bang them all day long? When you want to be with your own kitty. We made it for you. A day when you want to get away from your busy life and stay for a while in a place where competition is not required Come to play! Cat employees are waiting for you! ◆Game Introduction Would you like to hear the beggar's story here? If you follow the cat manager, you can achieve your dream of being rich. Growing a unique venture company! Billionaire cat breeding tycoon! Until the day you become president Enjoy the best idle game! What do you need one more thing for you who are perfect now? These are the staff who listen well Recruit a variety of professional cute cats Download Now! The little and adorable cat is always on your side! ◆Game features Become the owner of a global company in another world Cat Business Jackpot Success Story! No money? No happy! It's a new style of idle game that presents to busy modern people and you who are always busy. The lovely Cat employees make hard money and increase their fortunes enormously just by placing them. The fun of tycoon simulator game to run and build your own company Open a new office! Expand the building! Raise and develop your reputation, become a millionaire president Don't be surprised because it's cute *Don't buy, hire Collect over 100 characters to create a harmonious company It is impossible in reality, but in a different world, you can have a thorough relationship with cats! Use placement, rest, and check various working postures! Check the personalities, careers, and behind-the-scenes stories of each character in the encyclopedia and inventory! (Who are the in-house couples?) Unlock the relationship diagram for each character and check the hidden thoughts of each other *The cat employee must have something to say. Try 1:1 conversation with messenger! Like taking a quiz, you can get a tuna can reward if you answer positive or negative depending on the personality of the hunters. Chat with employees, check out heartbeat profile pictures, and cute popping status messages You can understand very little of the secret thoughts of cats *Collect cans of tuna and decorate your own room Place and decorate a variety of furniture to create a unique interior design Upgrade to a variety of warm styles such as traditional concept! *Various animal friends Various animal friends such as toy poodle, black shiba, maltese, hamster, alpaca, meerkat, goat, fox, bear, giraffe, rabbit, panda, lion, hyena, elephant, skunk, raccoon, mouse, etc. *Employees with diverse backgrounds and familiar appearances Developer, designer, singer, farmer, firefighter, postman, scientist, doctor, pilot, accountant, hairdresser, police, interpreter, trainer, researcher, engineer, painter, athlete, fairy, angel, magician, astronaut, Professional gamer, hero, teacher, cook, unemployed, etc. *Contruct buildings in a wider world and expand your fantastic Cat Paradise 5 World Maps-Plain, Jungle, Seabed, Foggy Forest, Space (new map being prepared) *Reward system Weekly, monthly attendance, today's journal, comprehensive achievement rewards Get rich rewards such as coins, gems, mysterious buffs, and beautiful fever items through seasonal events! Enjoy the game like a pretty gift! ◆Come to play We exhibit daily life, photos, videos, and drawings of companion animals. Follow us ◆Do you have any opinions on the game content? Having trouble playing? If you have a great game idea, send us email! [email protected] *Terms of service *Privacy Policy
Seller:Hadeul soft Co., Ltd.
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Nov 18, 2020
Updated:Feb 18, 2021
Size:308.9 MB
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