Cat Games String Toys

Michael Cozzolino
*** To exit a level tap the X 3 times to access Main Menu. Cat Games String Toys for iPad is a game for cats and kitten…
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*** To exit a level tap the X 3 times to access Main Menu. Cat Games String Toys for iPad is a game for cats and kittens. Stimulate your cat with these cat string games on your iPad. The best toys for cats have always been, yarn, feather teasers, and just plain string but those can be dangerous if your cat is unsupervised so we created a safe digital version. From the Creators of the hit game "Cat Games" for iPad Kitty Korner Pick for The Week TouchArcade Show #14 To prevent kitty from exiting the app go to Settings/General and turn off Multitasking Gestures. Turn Multitasking Gestures back to on when your cat is done playing. This however does not keep your cat from pulling down the notifications bar. This is something that we cannot control. It is an iOS feature designed by Apple Inc. Cats are finicky animals. As a cat owner you probably know this and find it part of their charm. With that in mind you need to give your cat multiple chances to enjoy "Cat Games String Toys" for iPad. Even our cat testers are like this. Sometimes they go nuts attacking the iPad while playing. Other times they are lazy and don't give it a second look. Be patient and try different times of day, try again after a few days, try when they seem to have more energy. Obviously a cats age plays a role. A kitten is much more likely to go crazy chasing things on screen than a 15 year old Cat. Don't give up. If anything it gives an older cat some stimulating things to observe. The most important thing is you and your cat are spending quality time together. Get the kids involved too. Don't let the fun be all paws. Sit with your cat and interact with your cat and the games. We researched colors and movements that cats are attracted to. Cats have a limited color range that they can see and we tried to incorporate that color range in this app where possible. Cats in particular "indoor" cats crave stimulation of their hunting instincts. For the price of a cheap catnip based toy you can have an app that will entertain your cat for long into the future.
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Release:Feb 25, 2015
Updated:Feb 25, 2015
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