iPad Castle Prince - The Warrior Legend (Free)

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    Andy is King Robot whose castle is been attacked by few Evil Robots who want to kill Queen Robot ‘Sparkle’. He has to save his Queen from Enemy Robots. User will have control of King Robot which user will move on a path made by user’s finger movement gesture. King Robot can kill enemies by colliding with them in the way. If they collide with the Queen, Game gets over ..!!
    It’s a level based game.Every level has certain time period. If the user saves the queen for that particular period of time in a level, it is crossed.
    Currently there are 72 Levels in the game based on different combination of Enemies and powers, also every level is Unique in itself.
    This is just a brief summary of what the game revolves around , there are lots of features to be discovered.
    Has Power ups and Leaderboard and many Achievements to unlock.:cool::eek:
    Download here :

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