Universal Castle Creeps TD (By Outplay Entertainment)

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    May 10, 2012
    Deleted. Pay wall ahead and it is a big one. Too bad...
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    Dec 12, 2010
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    I completed chap 3 but I cheated on the last level as the last 2 waves were huge.. I used two lightning towers lol.. Oddly satisfying when u have 3 stars for it
  3. debaser626

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    Nov 1, 2014
    This is a good TD game. Not quite as versatile as Kingdom Rush, but it has the necessary elements, a limited upgrade tree, but the requirements make each upgrade seem worth it. I don't mind hard paywalls in good games, where you pretty much have to dump some money into the game to proceed easily, I look at it as supporting the developers. I was able to fairly easily get to Chapter 20 without hitting this wall, and was more than willing to spend the 1.99 in gems to proceed. The unfair part is that 1.99 gets you 320 gems, which doesn't even allow you to purchase the minimal amount of coin package. The 4.99 one will allow you to, and I was considering buying this, until I realized that the price structure is designed so that you will likely be purchasing packages several times throughout the game. It's a good game, but not worth 15.00-20.00 that you'd probably have to spend to actually beat the game. And who knows what happens later on. I'm normally skeptical of developers who include the 99.99 IAP option, and it looks like these developers are no different. Will be staying away in the future, which is unfortunate because the gameplay, graphics and sound are pretty darn good. They appear to have some really good game developers working there, just a crappy business dev team. Oh well.
  4. willbrace

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    Dec 12, 2012
    So, after you get done with the initial chapters, you'll run out of tower resources to have towers able to beat missions. After that, you'll have to rely on hero chests in order to earn all of your gold while you don't beat chapters, and using the sentinel to beat levels that you're not quite strong enough to beat with just your heroes/towers.

    You get a free tower chest available every 9 hours, where the cooldown starts upon grabbing it.
    You get a free hero chest available every two days or so.

    Additionally, there are 6 daily quests, each giving a key. 5 keys earned gives you a hero chest. You can usually complete most of these quests, but some of them are really difficult.

    So essentially, you'll want to play this game daily for the quests for optimal progression. They can be simple, or some can be really grindy. Use keys to gain chests to gain more gold, and you can progress further. There's not really much incentive to buying things [unless you buy in major bulk], so just prepare for a longer term grind for hero chests and completing the game's daily quests.
  5. orangecan

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    Aug 9, 2011
    I don't suppose anyone's got past level 28 - end of the road yet have they?

    I'm on the Air2 next to newest iOS and it crashes rvery single time I've tried it (3). Round about the start of the fourth wave. No warning, no slowdown just crash......

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