Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal

Cyril Jarnot
CARRIER BATTLES 4 GUADALCANAL is a classic hex-and-counter wargame covering the naval-air battles in the South Pacific i…
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CARRIER BATTLES 4 GUADALCANAL is a classic hex-and-counter wargame covering the naval-air battles in the South Pacific in 1942-43 Find the Japanese and strike at them before they sink your precious carriers and prevent them from invading key points in New Guinea and in the Solomon Islands Main features: - Solitaire play again powerful Japanese AI - 6 historical scenarios : Coral Sea May 42, Midway June 42, Eastern Solomon Aug 42, Santa Cruz Oct 42, Guadalcanal Dec 42, Bismarck sea March 43 - Hex map with a scale of 30 miles per hex - 40 types of warplanes, historical ships - Naval-air search, radar, progressive intelligence gathering on enemy naval forces - Air strikes against naval and land targets, surface battles - Advanced damage system - Invasion, naval bombardment - Turn-based system - A nice on-boarding sequence will guide the player to the depth of the game - Available in English and in French - No internet connection required to play against the AI In-app purchases: - 2-players game over internet, turn by turn - A 7th scenario covering the landing at Bougainville and airstrikes against Rabaul in November 1943 - A 8th scenario covering the evacuation of Guadalcanal by Japanese troops in Jan/Feb 1943 - A 9th scenario covering the US invasion of Guadalcanal in August 1942 - A 10th scenario covering the US carrier raids against Japanese positions in Feb/Mar 1942 - What-ifs for the scenarios in order to test the effects of some likely events. Ex: what would happen if the Japanese had committed their whole carrier forces to invade Port Moresby, what-if the Saratoga was repaired on time for the battle of Midway, etc... The duration of a game is about 1-3 hours Contact and support : Forum : Review by Pocket Tactics " Overall Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal is a solid WW2 naval wargame built around a great interface. It’s a realistic simulation that is accessible and fun, retaining depth while not letting the player get bogged down in menus or decisions. Fundamentally Carrier Battles succeeds because it takes the juicy technical attributes of naval games and mates it with a cracking user interface " Some videos done by fans - -
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Release:May 03, 2016
Updated:Mar 04, 2019
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