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    Capture the Space - a turn-based strategy game with tactical battles in real-time.
    Genre: turn-based strategy
    Design: 2D mech, sci-fi​

    • Turn-based strategy with a storyline - lead a squad of cleaners in the war against hordes of monsters!
    • Battles in real-time - now there is no need to wait for another player or AI to make a move!
    • Single-player offline campaign game - conquer planets, complete tasks, and unlock new missions!
    • Multiplayer game in PVP arena mode - compete against other players 1x1!
    • Strategy and tactics - combine weapons, build your strategy and use tactical advantages against your enemies!
    • Collect your robot - a variety of characters and weapons, combine them to create your own unique style of play.

    You have to play as a squad of cleaners - space mercenaries, called upon to fight against unknown monsters in Space. Unlike regular mercenaries, the cleaners believe in more than just money. Each cleaner has their own goals, why he wants to clear space from monsters. And you are the one to help them in this.

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