Captain Murica Hot-Dog Run

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    Dec 6, 2014
    Let me introduce you to Captain Murica the most "out there" superhero in America.
    His story begins when a redneck sitting on his couch had a wierd feeling in the depth of his stomack, the call to justice and liberty, and also much gas, so he inroled in the army where he accidentaly bit a radio active Hot-Dog giving him super fart powers, after that incident he escaped the army facility, and promised with a call of justice that he will eat as many hot-dogs as possible in traffic, at a rush-hour.
    The super farts will simply blow your mind.
    This awesome American game also features:
    -excellent brand new, out of the box graphics.
    -excellent short adventure.
    -the experience of a thousand farts ripping through the air, imagine the smell.
    -more than one different fart sound, actually more than two different fart sounds.
    -trucks, a lot of trucks with stuff in them
    - hot dogs, many many hot dogs
    - also cola cans
    - the amazing superpower of jet propulsion super flatulence
    Current Version: 1.0
    Requires Android: 3.0 and up
    Content Rating: Medium Maturity


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