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    Hello Touch Arcade Readers,

    Bret Nybo here, developer of a new iPad app just released called Captain Carrot. It is an arcade style game that includes a fun little twist on pinball. That's right ... it plays like pinball but has lots of bonuses, including tilt action and directional shooting. I've included a few screen grabs, a detailed description and a link below for you to check out:


    Plays like pinball … with a twist. Your mission is to navigate the captain through a myriad of levels and obstacles, at the same time competing with players all over the globe for high score. Using a combination of tilt action and directional shooting, you must ward off waves of killer ants, bees, T-Rex’s and more while the captain racks up points by running into rocks, trees, bumpers, bushes and other surprises along the way.

    - bushes, rocks, tires, bumpers and more surprises for the captain to strike while gaining points
    - killer ants, bees, t-rex’s and more surprises for the captain to shoot
    - shields, presents, smiley faces and carrots that translate into bonuses for the captain to use
    - enhanced graphics to accommodate iPad HD version
    - local and global leaderboard powered by agon
    - submit score and notify friends via Facebook & Twitter

    How to play:
    Tilt to move the captain toward bumpers and bonuses while shooting enemies with directional carrot shooter

    Click here to check out the official game link.

    Lemme' know what ya' think!


    Bret Nybo
    New Art & Vision Games
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    Gameplay video?

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