Candy Hunt: Soda Challenge by L1games

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    'The sweetest game in the stores!'

    Tap the given colors! Survive the constantly rising soda level, that increases the speed of the game. Crush candies at the same time to increase your score.!

    ● No In App Purchases!
    ● Invite and play against your facebook friends.
    ● Play the normal and speed mode
    ● With great 16bit music tracks of Ken Snyder, alias 'coda'
    ● Beautiful and smooth candy graphics.
    ● Google Leaderboard support
    ● For casual- and hardcore-gamers!

    Dive into 'CANDY HUNT: Soda Challenge' and show your friends who the best is!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Update coming soon!


    Tomorrow I will upload an update that fixes a pause button issue, which causes the game to game over. Apologize for that!

    Btw if you love 8bit/16bit music you will love the tracks from Ken Snyder, who did also great stuff for Dreamworks! Give it a try. I think the music fits perfectly to the game.

    All in all i think the game is well done. I would love to read your opinion!


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    Unfortunately i will postpone the update due to the holidays.

    Happy new year to everyone!
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    Update & News

    Update 1.1 of CANDY HUNT is out now!

    We are now working on our new game. As a small hint: Combine color-puzzle mechanics with physics, together with football in a futuristic arena with a crowd, which cheers along with you. And this time fully in 3D :) Ken Snyder, the king of 16bit tracks, will once again provide the music for it.

    Does this sound interesting to you? Let me know what you think!

    I'll keep you posted!


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