iPad Candy Bully : A fascinating game with puzzle solving

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    Jul 19, 2012
    Candy Bully
    This is a puzzle game with wholly new ways of playing. It requires specific techniques to finish each task. There are 60 tasks in this game, each of them is delicately designed. You will find it hard to finish all of them. According to my estimation, people who can accomplish all of the tasks and won all the stars only account for 5% or even lower. If you are confident, take the challenge!

    Winners must:
    1. Strike all the red candies onto the floor;
    2. Make sure the blue candies and yellow candies cannot land;
    3. Collect as many stars as possible.

    The way for playing this game:
    1. Click on candies to change their shapes;
    2. The locked candies cannot be reshaped.

    Here are some screenshots´╝Ü






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