Canadian App Store Messed Up?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by Mew2468, Dec 30, 2008.

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    I just noticed this. On the main page of the App Store, it displays the following as the top apps (this is on iTunes, not on the App Store on the iDevice):
    1. Crash Bandicoot
    2. The Price is Right
    3. Tetris
    4. iBeer
    5. Monopoly
    6. iFart Mobile
    7. Bejeweled
    8. Yahtzee
    9. Simcity
    10. Touchgrind
    in that order.

    But when clicking on the "Top Paid Apps" link, the list shows:
    1. Simcity
    2. Monopoly
    3. The Price is Right
    4. Tetris
    5. Crash Bandicoot
    6. Rolando
    7. Bejeweled
    8. Yahtzee
    9. Fish Tycoon
    10. iFart Mobile
    in that order.

    I've tried going back and forth to refresh the pages - anything like that going on in the other App Stores? Not that the Top App lists affect me in any way...
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    Things like that have been going on.... not just in the Canadien app store. I guess Apple is having a hard time sorting them...

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